35-Patty Sgrecci

The Art 

Go with the Flow © Patty Sgrecci
mixed media, (72 x 38 x 8 inches ) 
Private Collection 

Patty Sgrecci writes…

My mobiles are studies in form, balance and motion. The kinetic drama is accentuated with positive and negative space, light, gravity, and air.

With a BFA in Fiber Arts I enjoy exploring a variety of mixed media, whether it’s cutting and carving wood or stitching hand painted rice papers. Light plays an integral part in my sculptures illuminating translucent papers and films accenting their colors and textures. Wire, wood, acrylic and steel are some of the other elements that are often incorporated. My focus is finding the balance point where line and form resolve in a lyrical moving sculpture. The motion of water inspired this mobile.




The Music

I enjoy Patty’s play of colours in this piece and the title inspired the notion that subtle undercurrents tell us when to see things differently (when we’re going with the flow). It’s this “merging” into alternate ways of moving forward that highlights the choices we make. I love the reflective processes involved in decision making and what leads us to them. 

My Dital Harp, crafted by Australian luthier, Peter Kempster.

In case you're interested…. Dital harps have little levers to alter the length (and thus the pitch of a string). You'll notice there's two levers, wound with blue or red tape, around the F and C ditals respectively. These in turn correspond to the F & C stings. The colour coding means changing from F natural to F sharp can be done fairly fast on the fly.

I chose harp to evoke Patty’s initial inspiration of water in motion. Additions of lightweight cascades and ponderings on piano. I didn’t want to weigh the music down with bass notes, so opted to stay in a treble range on both instruments.

Thanks for flowing through…

"What a wonderful choice of instruments and music to evoke a mood with my sculpture.
I’d never heard of a dital harp!
Thank you for asking me to participate and for sharing some of your process. Wonderful!

Patty Sgrecci