18 - Juli Cady Ryan's "Time Stealer"

The Art 


“Time Stealer” by Juli Cady Ryan, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on streched canvas(Sold)

Prints are available

Juli Cady Ryan 

This painting was actually inspired by my daughter, Ashley, who has a mental illness called Borderline Personality Disorder. Her illness caused her to shut out her family for a few years. She even moved out. Now that she’s better, I look back and realize all the time we lost with her and the things she missed out on with our family. It made me feel that that time had been stolen from us all. 

The emotion for this painting is loss. Loss of precious time with my daughter that I can never get back. Sadness that she had to go through what she did. Also joy that things are different today and that she is back home and a big part of our family again. In the beginning, my intention for my art was just to be bright and happy. But as time went on, I realized I had a story to tell. One of pain, yes, but also one of hope.

The Music

for 8 voices, grand-father clock percussion (chimes, cog wheels, pendulm, chains, glass doors and casing - played with wooden & metal mallets) and "Possum" the cat.

All Takes Time

I wanted to create a patchwork with layers that touched on the themes of time, loss and hope. 

I used recordings of a grand-father clock. “Possum” the cat (currently here on a holiday) was enthusiastic to contribute to this piece on behalf of her feline counterpart in Juli’s painting. I asked Possum if she could provide some cat-speak and she managed it all in the first take. 


What's the time?
Got the time?
Time lines, lifelines,
All in good time
Time is ripe

Stealing tme
Keeping time
Don't loose time
Time waits for no woman
Woman makes her own time

It all takes it's own time
it all takes longer than you think
One thing at a time
Fitting in with the time
Little bits that fit in time slots
Timing is everything

This was our time,
Your time
My time
That time, though it's lost to us: precious time is gone!
Set in time like a song
Of hope for
Good times to come

Time is ripe,
time heals all things
Time of day any time of night
Crooked street time faction
Time is right
Living in the time

Time is where we are

You did a marvelous job Helen, in capturing the mood of this painting…elements of both sadness and hope. The clocks and the cat add a certain charm to it all. Wonderful!

Juli Cady Ryan