11 - Maggie Ruley

The Art

The Fish Whisperer 1, by Maggie Ruley

THE FISH WHISPERER 1” by  Maggie Ruley  
digital “wood cut”  
Black and white  

Maggie Rules writes...

As a child, one of my favorite movies was “Mr Peabody and the Mermaid”. My  father and Grandfather took me fishing all the time but we never caught a Mermaid. Now that I live in a tropical island paradise water imagery and the sea seems even more magical than ever. 
I create my own little stories using real and imagined sea creatures. In The Fish Whisperer, even I don’t know what the conversation is about. I guess it is a secret. 

My music

secrets from a mermaid's comb (for 10 voices, piano, shells & percussion)

I love that Maggie has many interpretations of her Fish Whisperer  (as you can see). Mine stems from the myths and legends around mermaids from Cornwell (my own heritage).I’ve chosen a Cornish legend “the Mermaid and her Magic Comb” as my starting point for a few reasons. 

Firstly, I like the legend’s emphasis on the mermaid gifting some secrets to an elderly man who helps her. History has portrayed many females in myths and legends as monsters. My  viewpoint is from Herstory of what mermaids symbolise together with their many mythical, matriarchal sisters. That is, that they are  carriers of life and goodness, wisdom and sacrifice through their healing knowledge, granting of wishes, nurturing cures and seeing the future. 

Fish whisperer 2, by Maggie Ruley

Secondly because I-m creating this piece the day before International Womens Day. So it has to be a girly sound...

I have scribed the legend into the style of a folk song (verses and repeating ostinati and choruses), drawing on my own Celtic roots. I added many voices to this piece plus some shells and percussion to evoke some of the many layers of this beautiful artwork, the inherent stories and magic to spark our imaginations. There is music for the fish, sea-stars, waves and bubbles, the rocks, reefs, coral, shells and plant life, the wind, waves and mother moon’s influence on women and the tides – the herstories of history.

Wherever you are I hope you can enjoy celebrating the many wonderful accomplishments of women everywhere.   

Thanks for bubbling along with me,