The Music

31- Mauricio Paz Viola

The Art 

“sin titulo”, by Mauricio Paz Viola
oleo sobre tela
(“untitled”, oil on canvas)

Mauricio Paz Viola writes…

For me, creativity and art are meant to be shared with the viewer, involving him/her to create – along with the artist – new images and worlds in themselves. I consider every one of my paintings a mirror in itself, reflecting the viewer’s inner worlds and memories of other worlds inhabited in past lives: as a particle of stardust, as plants, as clouds, beyond what is real and physical; thus allowing the viewer to create and re-create new images and shapes based on his/her emotions and experience and temporarily return to the world beyond the grasp of mundane and rationality; without rules nor limitations, to an endless stream of light, color, energy and vibrations in one with the universe, out there and inside us.

The  Music


I loved getting lost in this piece of art  – which is just one in a series of Mauricio’s works.  I wanted to evoke a sense of wonderment and space for philosophical dreaming. I went hunting for sonic spaciousness rendering a quality of unending-ness; Generally I work with acoustic instruments, but for this piece, I delved into sound design (midi sounds), namely, “bliss, tranquil horizon & curved air” . How could I resist those names?.  The meandering melody line (“curved air”) is intended to carry thoughts where they wish to wander, in a wondering way.

A Uruguayan artist living in Chile is certainly not someone I would meet every day. I found Mauricio’s artwork online and love that although we don’t share a common language,  we can communicate in simple sentences, about our art and project 52, with online translation tools.   What a remarkable time we live in!

Thank you for hanging out with me. 
Wishing you goodness and green grooves

I truly enjoyed your musical composition based on my work. It makes me feel like I’m floating, flying, dreaming, weeping and enjoying it. 
I would like to thank you again for choosing one of my works for your Project 52 and having created this piece of beautiful music. Many thanks, and hugs of light and love 

Mauricio Paz Viola