27 - Brenda York

The Art 


Birds Of A Feather, by Brenda York 
8″ x  8”  acrylic, collage and graphite on canvas

Brenda York writes...

“On most days, Miguel and Gaspar coordinate their outfits in hopes of landing on Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed List. On the other days they just make sure their pjs are clean and pressed. And that Miguel’s are not on backwards. Again.”
(This text is from Brenda’s book of paintings and stories  which you can view and purchase).

The Music

The PJ Parade

Helen Davey

(for for Pianet, Water bells, Liquid piano, acoustic guitar harmonics and bluegrass banjo – via midi keyboard)

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  1. The PJ Parade

Gaspar and Miguel won my heart because of their firm friendship and because Brenda’s insider tidbits about their foibles and fantasies had me giggling away at my own.  I couldn’t bring myself to vocalize so chose to represent Miguel with banjo and Gaspar with the sweet harmonics of an acoustic guitar (via a midi sequencer). 

Trust you enjoy this collaboration and thanks for stopping by. 
Happy hours to you each time you press your PJs 

"I love this, Helen!! PJ Parade is exactly the right soundtrack for this story. Who knows…maybe this will be the soundtrack for the movie, too! Love your insights and spot-on creativity. Thank you for including me in your very innovative project! Now go press your PJs… "

Brenda York