14 - Pete Goodlet

The Art 


“Caravan” by Pete Goodlet
pen & watercolour
approx 150mm by 150mm


Pete Goodlet writes…

Inspired  by Dave and I having an old caravan called Sharon… Friends – Beck and Tony – gave her to us… Paul and Dan Kelly have slept in her… (her claim to fame). It harks back to a time of feeling free and the joy at the simple things: sky, sea and the bare necessities.


The Music


Ode to Sharon-a curvy caravan

Helen Davey

This is a whimsical sound-painting (for 5 voices, slide guitar, glockenspiel, banjo, acoustic bass) in response to Pete Goodlet's "Caravan" (her name is Sharon). More info here: https://helendavey.com/blog/week-14-pete-goodlets-caravan/
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My Music

I find Pete’s art irresistible. It makes me smile inside: there’s an effervescence and zest for the things he loves in life, with his own quirky touch. Moreover, I confess to having a soft spot for curvy caravans: most school holidays were spent with the family in many Australian caravan parks – so many fond memories. 


My interpretation is a whimsical ditty, of  "Sharon" having quite a  reputation around town (with all due respect to Dan & Paul Kelly -  both fine Australian song writers). See lyric below.

Hope you can get away for a “cupp-l-a-daze” soon 
Twiggallee swip 

detail from Pete Goodlet’s “Caravan” Her name is Sharon

Ode to Sharon – a curvy aravan 

1. Getting away for a couple a days 
With Sharon – the orange Baroness 
A portable home, ready to go 
Anywhere we please – OH Yes! 

2. An Australian Dame, she's made a name 
For bedding musicians of notable fame 
Dan & Paul Kelly - to name a few 
Sharon could tell a secret or two! 

Oh…. Sharon! 
You're not just a curvy van 
Oh schweeet Sharon 
I'm your biggest fan! 

3. From driveways to highways, she's sure been around 
She's cute & curvy & done me proud 
Park her by a forest, or under a tree 
Or roll her down all the way to the sea 

4. It's magic at night under stars and moon 
Safe in Sharon - Just me and my darlin' 
With Thelma Louise 
Toasting tipple & shootin' the breeze 

5. Taking shelter in our house on wheels 
you can paint, relax or cook a meal 
whatever the weather, redemption or doom 
Sharon protects me like a cucoon 

OH…. Sharon! 
For you I swoon 
Oh schweeet Sharon 
You're my little cocoon