Many collaborative projects have enriched my artistic growth. Here's a selection.


Music in direct response to artworks

Documented as a regular online cross-arts event, this project began in November 2013. It explores my musical responses to a range of art forms. The musical styles vary to evoke the essence of each selected artwork, specifically the artists's intention.

Due to a cyberspace glitch. the project disappeared into the ether. Currently several techy-wizzes  are trying to get it back up and running. in the meantime, the artworks and music can be viewed here. (no big stories, just the bare bones). Just click on any image to hear the music and see the artwork in closer detail.

Salon Series

Live "Sound-Paintings" in dialogue with other artists' works

The Salon Series is an ongoing project I began in 2009, working with other artists from different art-forms. Their art, my music. To date I've had salons with writers, poets, dancers, photographers, painters, mixed media and theatre artists. Below is an excerpt from my Salon Series with Dutch artist Petrus Spronk (Video by Marc Eiden): 


lyrical... evocative... filmic... 

Lyrisch, evocativ, filmisch, Fleurs de Sel erforschen Musik für Klavier, Akkordeon, Saxofon und Stimme an den Grenzen von Neoklassik, Jazz und World-Folk.

RUTH BIERI: piano, accordion, saxophone 

HELEN DAVEY: voice, piano, accordion

Bach's Boots         


poetic world-folk with a contemporary twist.

As a song writer, I enjoy accessing a wide array of tone colours to paint song moods. For this project, I sought multi instrumentalists  who could meet this need. I have been blessed to work with two wonderful Swiss musicians: David Aebli (upright bass, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar) and percussionist, Ferdi Rauber (tabla, udu, gongs, many “nature sounds“ and didgeridoo). 
CD: Carvings


Interactive  Improvised  theatre

Playback Theater lädt ein,  inne zu halten und einen fremden Blick  auf Altbekanntes zu werfen. Unvermittelt erhalten erinnerte und erzählte  Geschichten im improvisierten Spiel auf der Bühne eine neue Dimension.  Die stimmige Musik, ein treffendes Wort, eine ausdrucksstarke Geste  bringen bisher verdeckte Elemente unvermittelt ans Licht.

Wir improvisieren frei,  ohne jede Absprache unter SchauspielerInnen  und MusikerInnen. Diesem Mix zwischen persönlicher  Auseinandersetzung,  sozialem Engagement und künstlerischem  Anspruch gilt unsere Passion.
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free improvisation - experimental music

Celebrating tension, distension, dis-allsorts of things...Lotte and Leni are Brigitte Meyer (cello, guitar & vox) & Helen Davey (prepared piano, accordion, percussion & vox) working in the improvised realm with two voices and quite some strings amongst other things. 
The Trans-Lations CD