project 52:  sound-paintings

I began this exciting cross-arts project when I turned 52 - hence the title. It explores my musical responses or ‘sound-paintings’ to a range of art forms, (text, visuals, dance and theatre). The musical styles vary to evoke the essence of each artwork and the intention of the artist.

Each week, I selected an artwork and interviewed the artist. Then I composed, recorded, edited my sound-painting and published it online. The musicking part of this project was done in less than 24 hours (!) cause that's the time I had. Hmmm… the things we do when we're zapped!

You can enjoy the whole Project 52, below, for free by clicking on the image tiles. Each tile features an artist’s work, their description, my corresponding Sound-Painting and a chronicle of my process. You may also want to purchase individual Sound Paintings or donate to support my secret follow-up project!  
On the music players for each artwork, click “download” to go to the sales page.  TIA :-)



Petrus Spronk