Kathryn Portelli

The Art

"DAFFODIL SPIRITS” – by Kathryn Portelli
(500mm x 500mm) a mosaic , (sold) 
Materials: ceramic doll parts, Mexican and Italian smalti, glass pebbles, Asian pearl tiles, bluestone chips, honeycomb substrate, welbond glue direct, coloured grouts. 

Kathryn’s website: kpmosaic.com

Kathryn’s comments 

Made in response to the local annual Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival. Individual flower postures suggest merriment, movement, even choreography. The concept that the trumpet was a tutu to an invisible spirit became the steering theme for the composition, which placed three dancing blooms, ‘Joy’, ‘Delight’ and ‘Cheer’(actual registered bulb names) against a bluestone wall (which the area is known for). 

Detail, Kathryn Portelli's Daffodil Spirits

Their pearlised, finely detailed, three dimensional bodies appear to lift from the background atop vibrant skirts and swaying legs.  Shimmering auras surrounding them portray their movement against a music filled sky.   

The words JOY, DELIGHT, CHEER are embossed in textured glaze (French Dimensions) along their arms.  In this detailed photo (above), you can see the auras, the body art embossing and that happy moisture they exude into the atmosphere as suggested by the droplets.

Trumpets in Tutus (for 4 voices, kazoo, xylophone, music box, xenon pad and chimes)