30 - India Flint

The Art 


“seven sisters, seven daughters” by India Flint
silk hand dyed with eucalyptus, grevillia and casuarina.

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India Flint writes…

I work with cloth, paper, felt, weaving, stitch and bio-regionally gathered ecologically sustainable dyes – a rather long-winded way of saying “windfallen leaves, bark, weeds and earth pigments”.  The work has been described as using “the earth as the printing plate and time as the press”. 

“Seven Sisters” 
These artworks are part of a joint exhibition  “Sete Filhas, Sete Irmãs” (seven sisters, seven daughters) with Sally Stafford that looks at the lives of seven women who were passionate about plants.  The dresses would fit a medium sized human, are made of silk and dyed with eucalyptus, grevillia and casuarina. They are suspended from a circlet of found branches.


The Music

detail: silks hand dyed with eucalyptus, grevillia and casuarina.

I am intrigued by India’s gentle philosophy and processes, particularly with her focus on place and memory, which in my mind are akin to themes in Alice Sebold’s novel “The Lovely Bones”.

When I discovered the title of India’s joint exhibition, initially I thought of the stories – both the Aboriginal and the Greek – around the star constellation; but then I learnt of the seven  women's passion for plants was the inspiration behind this body of work. (Georgiana Molloy of west Australia was one of them).

My music explores that topic: seven botanists' voices meander, each with herstory; a common thread of being connected to a nub in the feminine ether; 
Thank-you for spending your time here. 

"Helen, it’s a joy to be here, thank you."

India Flint