30 - Chris Maynard

The Art 


Choices F by Chris Maynard
(female) Red-tailed black cockatoo feathers 
18.5 x 22.5 inches, $1900.

detail from Chris Maynard's “Choices F”

Chris Maynard writes… 

My feather designs capture essences of birds in Featherfolio’s new, creative feather art form. Each feather design is placed in a shadowbox and uses feathers naturally shed from birds. Feathers provided by zoos and aviaries are carefully cut, positioned, and preserved in each piece. Most are collected after natural molting, with no harm to the bird.
This poem inspired the piece "Choices" 

Shall I go or shall I stay 
The door is open, fly away?
But it’s safe, my food is here 
Choices are not always clear

The Music

I find Chris’ intricate artwork breathtaking. Literally. Seeing this piece had me captivated, particularly as cockatoos are close to my heart. Although I've not seen a red-tailed-black cockatoo, several species (yellow tailed black, sulphur crested, gang gangs, corellas and galahs) are regular feeders on our rural property in S.E. Australia. 

Chris’ poem prompted me to make an instrumental piece for 12 string guitar (open tuning), lap-harp and vocals (wordless);  but the more I worked on it, the more it didn’t feel finished. Responding to his art, his poem and the themes he raises, I jotted some thoughts into a text and recorded an impromtu vocal line. Backing vocals came last. 

Trust you enjoy the collaboration.
Thanks for flying by 

Wings and Things 

Here and there 
With a sideways stare 
See fly by flutters 
And wonder why 

Making do, 
Doing in pairs 
Feather light carriage 
Portals of a marriage 

Which way wishes, 
Away with the fishes 
These things 
With wing-tipped 
Colours and grace 
Ply my path with choices 

My nest is my castle, 
But when the time comes, 
I too must take flight 

Wings and things to discover 
Watch the ebb and flow 
Taste the air, 
Flower to flower 
Tree to tree 
Place to place 

Wings that sing. 

© Helen Davey Cox

CC-BY-SA-3.0- Peter Campbell_