34- Indigene Theresa Gaskin

The Art 


Ladies Who Lunch © Indigene Theresa Gaskin.
8” x 8” x 1.5” mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas

Indigene Theresa Gaskin writes…

“Ladies Who Lunch”
This art was inspired by my childhood memories of my grandmother. It was created from two vintage photographs, I imagined my grandmother in Springtime colors, and going out with her lady friends for lunch. These ladies who lunched during her time, would not have been welcome everywhere, but didn’t allow that to stop them from having fun! 

Maggie, Lena, Bertha and Ruth were dressed to the nines and ready to roll! They wanted to eat together, share a good time, catching up on gossip and tales of love, trials and tribulation; so they got in Maggie's car and headed down Interstate 95. It was all about them that day.

This piece started out with layers of acrylic paint, vintage papers, 1950s menu, vintage handbag charm, plastic/paper stickers, old photographs, inks, button, cardboard letters, metal and vintage scrabble wood letters, on an 8” x 8” x 1.5” gallery-wrapped canvas. Text, symbols and images float above and below the surface. There are many small details to discover in this piece!


The Music

Ladies of Levity

Helen Davey

Ladies of Levity (acapella for 6 voices) is a sound-painting in direct response to a mixed media collage by Indigine Theresa Gaskin.
more info at this page: https://helendavey.com/blog/week-34-indigene-theresa-gaskin/
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I find Indigene’s artwork refreshing and loved that most of her work reflects many facets of women’s lives. This piece is pure fun – but I was moved by the story behind it, so chose a blues feel to structure my response. I enjoyed delving into the girly energy – in fact, I almost wrote a piece about handbags and shoes – but settled for a comment about buttons instead.

Happy handbag grooves, gals 🙂

You have done an incredible job with the music for this painting. I am overwhelmed with joy with it. I look forward to all your musical projects, since you are indeed, a talented and amazing artist! Thank you for putting my art to music!!!

Ingeigene Theresa. Gaskin