17 - Mark Payne

The Art 

“Drifting” by Mark Payne 
Oil on canvas, 1.3 x 1.1m (Sold)  
Available in signed limited edition giclee art print online via Mark’s Website 

Mark Payne writes...

Theme Relaxation and Meditation.
In our lives how often do we get to fully unwind and dream.  As our minds need to drift in order to keep emotional balance and happiness, what better way than to float downstream. No agendas no deadlines a place within us all that deserves to be nurtured. 


My Music


During our phone chat, Mark told me about a time that inspired this artwork, when he was floating downstream – alone in a boat – on a river in Eastern Australia. He decided to take in the oars, lie back and just drift. Letting the water carry him. I was taken with the idea of being so unencumbered. How to paint it into sound? 

I decided on solo piano using predominantly phrygian mode as my vessel and kept it slowly meandering with a recurring theme to to carry one forward. Grand piano offers so many layers of resonance, one can drift off into one’s own space, hence my choice. I do so love to drift with my piano…

Thanks for drifting by and wafty wishes to you,