week 25: Linnet Hunter

The Art

Linnet Hunter’s “I looked in the mirror”
Poetry from her “Spirit & Heart” collection, 2014.

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"I Looked In The Mirror" by Linnet Hunter, from the "spirit & heart" collection, 2014.

“I Looked In The Mirror” by Linnet Hunter, from the “spirit & heart” collection, 2014.


The music

“Moving past the mirror” (6:29 mins)
(for lap-harp, accordion, piano, 2 cymbals, congas, percussion)


Artist’s notes

Linnet Hunter

I have been writing poems since I first discovered there were poems, but the ones here are not written in the way I conposed little rhymes when I was a child.  The poems of my adult life appear fully formed, having gestated unseen and unknown until they suddenly arrive from Some where Else.

They come all at once, complete and  can rarely be improved by my penmanship.

I have learned that when a poem calls I must stop whatever else I am doing, grasp my pen and capture them there, then, that moment. If not I will not hear them knock again.. or not that particular poem at any rate. My poems ar a gift, given to me, and now that I realise that, I am able to share them.

 My Music

inner landscapes works in progress

inner landscapes works in progress

For this poem, I wanted to evoke the transition that comes with a shift in self perception: moving from a place of fear and entrapment to a sense of release and acceptance.

I liken that kind of inner work to the creative process of crafting something and the vulnerability and courage that are often the cohabitants of the process.

I was musicking with tension and resolve and trying to capture the transition from uncertaintity to a sense of trust, using using harmonic, chromatic and rhythmic element;  I loved Linnet’s lines about wearing our experience on our bodies – our life lines  –  as I often feel we’re like living sculptures.

A big difference between live and recorded sound-paintings is that there’s always alot of re-working in my recorded process:  striping away layers of audio to reveal different combinations, adding a bit more of this and that until it feels complete.
The live sound-painting is wholly improvised, quite theatrical and I’m limited to sounds I can make with two hands, two feet and my voice! I love BOTH 🙂 

changing perspectives

changing perspectives


Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks art and music. Please feel free to share this around to anyone interested in art / music and I’d LOVE to hear what you hear/see in these artworks via the comments section below.

If you want to go where ALLLLLLLLLLL of the project 52 sound-paintings – music AND art – are waving happily at you from just one page, just click this link 🙂.
Wishing you a fun Friday 13th WITH a full moon!


8 comments to week 25: Linnet Hunter

  • Dearest Helen,
    I write in humble gratitude for our golden friendship and for this expression of it, which is a gift to me of inexpressible worth. I sat before my window, listening, watching the mist rise above the trees in the Australian winter landscape, and my tears flowed softly, in recognition and wonder.

    I feel you have not only captured the transitions, the feelings and the experiences behind the poem, but also freed them, to move through the air with all their ephemeral poignancy and pathos.

    Thank you so much for this precious present and for giving your gift back to the world in this way,

    • Oh Linnet, I’m really touched by your response – particularly that you feel the music carries the emotional content of your beautiful poem to another state.

      Thanks so much for trusting my with your work.
      Til soon 🙂

  • Can’t add a thing to the poet’s response. Lovely, poignant, moving, both of you.

  • gerda tobler

    hi helen
    this composition/improvisation is truely one of my favorits!
    and the poem is full of humble beauty and compassionate wisdom.
    thanks to both of you!

  • Tanya

    What an amazing combination.
    The music and poetry are a powerful combination.
    This is a wonderful example of how music and spoken word or poetry can work in harmony.

    • Helen

      Tanya thanks for your feedback – I often think there’s a lot of room for this kind of combination too; often once the two are paired, it’s hard to imagine them without being inextricably entwined…

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