week 14: Pete Goodlet's

The Art

“Caravan” by Pete Goodlet
pen & watercolour
approx 150mm by 150mm

website www.artpetegoodlet.com

"Caravan" Pete Goodlet Watercolour & pen 150mm by 150mm

“Caravan” Pete Goodlet Watercolour & pen 150mm by 150mm


My Music

“Ode to Sharon – a curvy caravan” (2:15 mins) © Helen Davey
(for 5 voices, slide guitar, glockenspiel, banjo, acoustic bass)


Artist Notes

Pete Goodlet’s comment

Inspired  by Dave and I having an old caravan called Sharon… Friends – Beck and Tony – gave her to us… Paul and Dan Kelly have slept in her… (her claim to fame). It harks back to a time of feeling free and the joy at the simple things: sky, sea and the bare necessities.


My Music

I find Pete’s art irresistible. It makes me smile inside. Moreover, I confess to having a soft spot for curvy caravans – spent most school holidays with the family in many Australian caravan parks – so many fond memories.

detail from Pete Goodlet's "Caravan" Her name is Sharon

detail from Pete Goodlet’s “Caravan” Her name is Sharon

Being a fan of water colour, I’m particularly drawn to the colours in Pete’s work: there’s an effervescence and zest for the things he loves in life, with his own quirky touch.

I couldn’t help but do a whimsical interpretation of this, particularly as Sharon has quite a reputation around the district on my hometown in Daylesford, Australia.

I was spurred to include Dan & Paul Kelly in the lyrics of my ditty, with all due respect to them both as fine Australian song writers.

Hope you’ve enjoy this colourful combination of art and music. I’m interested to know what you hear/see in these artworks and welcome hearing from you via the comments section below: please feel free to share this around to anyone interested in cross arts via the little icons below.

Hope you can get away for a “cupp-l-a-daiz” soon

Twiggallee swip


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