Workshop Programme

(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

W.I.M. Zürich - Workshop for improvised music, Magnusstrasse 5 , 8004 Zurich

Sibylla Giger – Electronics Jonas Labhart – Spinet (maybe alto sax) Helen Davey Cox - prepared piano (maybe vox)

The WIM is a workshop for improvised music. With her weekly workshop program, various projects and workshops, she is an integral part of contemporary music. It offers space for everyone who wants to engage with free improvisation. Improvising musicians have a center at WIM where projects and experiments are developed and presented in the workshop program. The WIM thus offers a place for diverse work processes involving freely improvised music.

Public transport: from Zurich main station bus 31 to Bäckeranlage. Tram 8 to Bäckeranlage or bus 32 to Military/Langstrasse