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Helen Davey: projects




lyrical... evocative... filmic... 


Lyrisch, evocativ, filmisch, Fleurs de Sel erforschen Musik für Klavier, Akkordeon, Saxofon und Stimme an den Grenzen von Neoklassik, Jazz und World-Folk.
Ruth Bieri (Klavier, Saxofon, Akkordeon)
Helen Davey (Stimme, Klavier, Akkordeon)
Fleurs de Sel Videos:
Bach's Boots


Lyrical, evocative and filmic, Fleurs de Sel explores music for piano and reed instruments in the shared space where neo-classical, jazz an world-folk musics meet.
Ruth Bieri (piano, saxophon, accordion)
Helen Davey (voice, piano, accordion)
Fleurs de Sel Videos:
Bach's Boots


RUTH BIERI: piano, accordion, saxophone

HELEN DAVEY: voice, piano, accordion




Live "Sound-Paintings" in dialogue with other artists' works

I'm fascinated by the intersection between the art forms and our interactions with that place.
When there, I love to create what I perceive is the essence of an artwork; I call these musickings "Sound-Paintings".

I perform Sound-Paintings in galleries, concert venues and at private functions. Anywhere people are wanting to deepen their engagement with artworks.

The Salon Series is an ongoing project I began in 2009, working with other artists from different art-forms. Their art, my music.
To date I've had salons with writers, poets, dancers, photographers, painters, mixed media and theatre artists.

Below is an excerpt from my 2012 Salon Series with artist Petrus Spronk in Australia (Video by Marc Eiden):  




Music in direct response to different artists' work

Documented as a regular cross-arts online event from November 2013, this project explores creating music in direct response to many art forms.

Project 52 Sound-Paintings is documented in two places:
1. Just music and artworks here
2. in full (music, art and respective artists' texts) here.





poetic world-folk with a contemporary twist.

As a song writer, I enjoy accessing a BIG palette of tone colours. For this project, I sought multi instrumentalists who have explored a range of music traditions, so we could tackle that palette.

I have been blessed to work with two wonderful Swiss musicians who meet this need: David Aebli (upright bass, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar) and percussionist, Ferdi Rauber (tabla, udu, gongs, many “nature sounds“ and didgeridoo). 



Here's a video of the trio playing a song about my love affair with an 1896 Bluethner Grand piano. 




free improvisation - experimental music

Celebrating tension, distension, dis-allsorts of things...Lotte and Leni are Brigitte Meyer (cello, guitar & vox) & Helen Davey (prepared piano, accordion, percussion & vox) working in the improvised realm with two voices and quite some strings amongst other things.