week 36: Nature's 'nabelmer'

The Music

“Still Morning” (5:52 mins), © Helen Davey
(for solo piano and breath)



The Art

Winter 2018, Central Switzerland, private collection.

“Nabelmer”, Helen Davey, (private collection).




Artist’s notes

After a interlude of temporary dormancy, Project 52 returns with my response to this sunset, photographed overlooking the central Swiss alps on a late winter Sunday afternoon. In the local dialect, ‘nabelmer‘ means ‘ocean-fog’. Seeing a nabelmer – only visible from above – is like viewing an opaque, milky ocean, in the valley formed by alpine ridges. Sometimes it’s still, seemingly impenetrable and solid. Other times it’s shifting with liquid swells. This one began as a motionless, solid mass then transitioned into a sensuous, burgeoning canvas tinted with hues from scarlet to fuscia to mango to peach to coral to linen and cream.

To my Australian eyes, anything alpine holds spectacular wonderment but there were many local folk standing together watching this scene that evening,  who were spellbound. Nobody was speaking. We were all utterly transfixed by Nature’s astonishing artwork. It was one of those ‘It’s all so vast and I’m so insignificant’ moments.
I get overcome by a thrilling calm at times like this. With “Still Morning” I’m aiming to convey the breathtaking impact of this majesty.

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Meanwhile, wishing you much breathing space to savour all the good things,

Floaty waves,
PS the fish enjoy a feed

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