52 cross-arts, online events

What’s a “Sound-Painting”?

I create music in direct response to art.
Trying to render the essence of the artwork into music, I use voice, (prepared) piano, zither, accordion, guitar, celtic harp and percussion. I sound-paint to theatre, visual arts, text, Nature, movement arts and film.

To mark my 52nd birthday, I decided to create “52 sound-paintings” in response to the art of 52 different artists from near and far. Big project. Big fun.
It’s all online here.

Oh gosh….
Here’s a sound-painting now:


foggy field

Autumn field.

The Why’s and Wherefores?

I created this sound-painting after an Autumnal morning walk. The mist was wafting and swirling slowly on an open field.

Mystical and mysterious, I was imagining the fog faeires in dialogue with the forest ones, so I made a vocal piece with lots of girly vocals swirling about, and an underlay of kalimba (thumb piano) for some magic.

Where you can find the Art and Music:

In the right sidebar (under the fish), you’ll see the featured artists’ names and links. Alternatively, This link takes you to a page with ALL of the artworks in one place. You’ll notice there’s a wide range of styles and modalities of artworks. Same with the music: I’ve tried to tailor my musical style to fit the art.

Thanks for popping in: I hope you enjoy this cross-arts project.

16 comments to 52 cross-arts, online events

  • You totally captured the misty swirling mood in a way that was easy to hear and respond to. I would think that other artists might respond back to you by making art while listening to your music. Full circle so to speak. I’m a musician too, more singer/songwriter than sound painter, and I love and appreciate what you are doing with sound. Beautiful.

  • Judy Glover

    It sounds like the fog fairies and the woodland fairies have a great dialogue going. It is mystical and mysterious enough to give me goosebumps when I listen. Judy G.

  • Sari Grove

    Your originality makes me think of Bjork…

  • Love the way you have interpreted the photograph in sound. Looking forward to seeing/hearing the range of the project over time.

  • Bronle Crosly

    Mmmmm… Lovely, inspired, and so apt. What a wonderful idea, for you and the artists you choose! Thank you!

  • It IS mystical and mysterious… very very lovely. I immediately thought of scenes from plays that I directed – how cool your music would be as the score for a production of any number of plays. Wonderful creative work, Helen!

  • Cherie Bridges

    Evocative and beautiful.
    A wonderful creative project, enjoy the journey.

  • Jenny Hetherington

    Ethereal, perfect … and I think I almost know how to speak faerie now. I am so excited by this project, and about to share with friends immediately.

  • the forest at its best, when the mysterious morning mist meanders slowly through the trees, memories of winter, memories of where i live, memories of another time. then, memories from other worlds evoked by the soundtrack. Aaahhh……

  • I clicked on this and then had a client call, so my computer headset was sitting on my desk. I was focusing on the task at hand, but the bits and pieces I was hearing totally drew me in. I had to stop and listen. Something quite compelling in it. I had to then listen to it again with my total focus. Gorgeous.

    I love your reflections about the integration of the stories and meaning too.

  • this is a major project. Responding to 52 artists works over a period of 52 weeks, with 52 compositions of music will keep you off the street for a year. I am impressed at the thoroughness and creativity of your work. A huge commitment the first few of which i like a lot. You must be on a natural high. this is to wish you well on your musical journey, directed by various artists whose work will take both you and your readers to magical places, a magical mystery tour. Ahhh….

    • Helen

      Hey Petrus, Project 52 sure is keeping me off the streets 🙂 And what a joy it is to be fully immersed in human expression in so many forms. Thanks again so much for being part of this.

  • Helen, This transported me to a calm contemplative space, beautiful

  • Listening to these few minutes of your music was quite an experience…. I think I would like to listen to it every time I feel stressed.

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